Make Tracks to Our Trails

Make the Most of Your Visit!

The Watershed Nature Center is a passive park dedicated to promoting environmental stewardship and the preservation of native plant and animal species. To maintain its peaceful beauty and protect wildlife, we ask that you observe the following guidelines:

Stay on the trails.
Keep dogs on leashes at all times. 
Please clean up after your pet. 
Place all trash in proper containers. 
No fishing, swimming, biking, or rollerblading. 
Do not feed the wildlife. 
Leave plants, wild flowers, mushrooms, animals, and insects undisturbed.

Thank you! Following these rules and regulations will help ensure the preservation of our prairie, wetland, and forest habitats.

As part of his Eagle Scout Service Project, Matthew Scott Lawhead created an interactive map for virtual visitors to the Watershed Nature Center.


The Watershed Nature Center is located at 1591 Tower Avenue, behind Nelson Elementary School, adjacent to Hoppe Park.

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