Earth Day 2023 Event

Join Us for Frog Walks!

 Join us for our annual frog walk! Beginning at 7pm, guests attend a presentation about local frogs, with a special focus on the types of frogs that we will see and hear during the frog walk. After the presentation, guests grab a flashlight, don boots and waders, hike out to the marsh walk, and get down into the mud in search of our frog and toad friends! Bring a trash bag for muddy clothing items! The event usually ends about 9pm. Children under age 7 are not permitted to enter the marsh. The cost is $5.00 per participant, ages 7 and up.

Please, check our calendar regularly for programming that supports our citizen science initiative! Currently, our efforts will focus on three subjects: FrogsBirds, and the Night Sky. Programming for Frogs will be available in Spring, Bird Programming will be offered during peak migration seasons, and Night Sky Programs will be held once each season.