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Nature Preserve Foundation – Organizational Structure and Leadership

The Nature Preserve Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 1991 by local community members and nature enthusiasts John and Kay Kendall. Motivated to transform an abandoned sewage lagoon into a vibrant, beautiful oasis of biodiversity, the Kendalls founded the Nature Preserve Foundation to rally resources and the entire community around this special place.  Thanks to the work envisioned by the Kendalls and through the stewardship of the Nature Preserve Foundation, that abandoned sewage lagoon became the Watershed Nature Center.  The 40+ acre site is now a local gem and a beloved outdoor space for walkers with two legs and four, nature lovers, runners, teachers and students alike.  Its mission-driven programming is managed by the Foundation and its team of staff, interns, volunteers, and community partners.

Staff Members

Vanessa Uhls 


Board Members

Jeff Bash

Board President

Trish Oberweis

Vice President

Carmen Sledge



Christi Geggus


Adam Davis


Lia Hanson

Board Member

Lara Jennings

Board Member

Sharon Locke

Board Member


Nekisha Williams Omotola

Board Member

Russ Reed

Board Member


Sheila Voss

Board Member

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Eric Jones

Board Member

headshot of board member, Kristen Noll

Kristen Noll

Board Member